ONE PARK MART then you know about many good quality of goods and consider perfect hygiene to customer.

ONE PARK MART is the best mart that about good quality and have many of goods for supplying to customers. Because of this, the ONE PARK MART gets popularity by customers.


We apply the most suitable technologies for this Advance Inventory Plus POS System that needs and ensure an immense level of professionalization and usability on System.

We bringing in a lot of experience 7years ago in build System. Be it a huge portal serving hundreds of thousands of users with complex functionality or a small nifty solution, our experts make sure it benefits of transaction point of sale  with a strong manage selling and selling report  within organization or company.

Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery UI, Modernizr, Twitter bootstrap.

Back End: PHP framework codeigniter, Laravel.

Advance Inventory Plus POS System Functions and Specifications

  • Inventory Management _ manage retail store from which sale of physical goods has conducted.
  • Sale / Quotation Management _ manage transaction in sale when a product or service has purchased. Quotation is show manage quote price of product to customer.
  • Point-Of-Sale (POS) _ is the time and place where a retail transaction in sale.
  • Accounting and Reporting System _ is very easy when you want view all report of transaction in sale.
  • Miscellaneous Function
  • License Description _ we limit the number of users login in to system and warehouses.
  • Cloud Service and Storage Package _ offer access to the application via Web-based to connect internet (or Web browser) espial is able to store data unlimited.