CRM-Borey Villa Toul Sang Ke

Borey Villla Toul Sang Ke is the best for selling Borey Villa that gives you a great quality of confidence for buyers. Borey Villa Toul Sang Ke have also a well-known selling market in Cambodia.


We provide the latest advanced technology for customer needs. We apply the most suitable technologies for this Advance CRM System that needs and ensure an immense level of professionalization and usability system.

We bringing in a lot of experience in build project, Advance CRM System. Be it a huge portal serving hundreds of thousands of users with complex functionality or a small nifty solution, our experts make sure it benefits the Customer’s business with a strong manage customers within organization or company.

Advance CRM System Functions and Specifications

  • Provided for the best System Version: 0 | 2.1.0 | 2.1.1
  • Edition Version: 0.09.2018
  • Project Management Tool _ manage on track project assign project leader and follow project task.
  • Support Ticket _ with auto-response system.
  • Proposal Management _ impress potential clients with technology.
  • Goals Tracking _ setup goals and track staff members and ability track lead-to-customer, conversion, income and more.
  • One System One Calendar_ Clear view concern company on events, meeting and ability with Google Calendar.
  • Powerful Staff Tasks _ assign task, follower task to multiple employees.
  • Knowledge Base _ impress your customer with pre-defined knowledge Base with in use system.
  • Leads Management _ keep track of leads and easies follow their progress.
  • Contracts Management _ create PDF documents of contracts to customers.
  • Online Customer login _ allow customers see everything for online login.
  • Create Estimates _ ability to convert estimate to invoice after customer accept.
  • Company Database _ every piece of data is on your hand and you can send file, upload file, your data easily.
  • Expenses Management _ manage your expenses record your company expenses.
  • Surveys Your Lead and Client _ ability to leads/customers/staff member.
  • Report for Quick Overview _ report sale, total income by your customer, leads convert and tracking income/expense with customers.